My Virtual Yoga is a platform that offers its users the opportunity to watch different yoga classes online when registered to the site. For more information, visit our Why join? page.
Whether you are a beginner or have more experience, are young or young at heart, MY VIRTUAL YOGA is for you. You’ll find a slew of categories and styles that suit your needs. Please note that we highly recommend that people under the age of 18 be supervised by an adult during practice.
Online practice with My Virtual Yoga complements your studio sessions. It’s a unique way to practice when you’re on the go or in the comfort of your own home. However, we highly suggest that you combine studio practice and your online sessions to benefit from useful corrections on your postures.
The same way as when you’re doing a class in studio, it’s very important to listen to your body and choose the right level of difficulty. The teachers will guide you during the entire session. Follow their tips and most importantly… respect your limits.
Certainly! You can consult and view excerpts at all times and if you wish to discover the complete versions of videos, we offer a free 7-day trial without any commitment on your part.
First of all, start by determining the needs that are pushing you to practice yoga. This is how you’ll be able to determine the right criteria for searching our site: yoga style, class length, teacher of your choice, difficulty level and suggested themes. Experiment, try, and discover!
In order to maximize your experience on, you should ensure your setup fills the following requirements:
The videos offered on can be viewed with the following web browsers, which can be downloaded online for free:
The “streaming” subscription calls for an internet connection (high speed) in order to have unlimited access to our video database. When choosing the à la carte subscription, you must download the selected video via a high-speed internet connection. Once downloaded onto your device, the video is yours, and you no longer need an internet connection to view it.
Absolutely; when you decide to buy a video à la carte, you can download it to your device and watch it as many times as you want without an internet connection.
If you’re streaming the video online, the problem may be related to your connection. You may have lost your connection or it might not be fast enough to view the video. A solution if you have a slow connection would be to pause the video and let the progress bar at the bottom of the video fill up. Once it’s done loading, you can start watching the video again. Also, make sure you meet the technical requirements in order to optimize your experience.
Make sure the speakers and main volume of your computer are on. You can also control the volume bar at the bottom right of the video.
Simply click on the full screen button on the far right of the menu at the bottom of the video. To get out of full-screen mode, press the escape key or on the full screen button once more.
Yes, My Virtual Yoga supports viewing on mobile devices. You can connect to your account and watch your videos.
No, once your video has been downloaded to your device, it’s yours to keep.
It’s a simple process!  
  • Click on join now
  • Choose your subscription type
  • Fill out the form
  • Verify your account (through email)
  • Come back to the site and log in
To shop online with My Virtual Yoga, you pay with your credit card directly on our website. Your payment is secured by SSL.
Absolutely! Your credit card transaction is done through Stripe, a leader in the field of online transactions in Canada. In addition, our website is protected by SSL, a system that enables the exchange of private information under 3 conditions: Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication.
Click on “Member Login” at the far right of the page and click on “Forgot your password?”. You’ll receive an email with a link and instructions for creating a new password.
You can cancel your subscription at any time in your profile (Subscription section). You must cancel prior to your next renewal to ensure you cancel automatic payment.
  1. Go on the desired video.
  2. Click on the button "Own this video".
  3. Go through the payment processus by clicking the "cart" button in the main menu.