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Shabad is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher and business owner. It is in 1981 that Shabad had his first opportunity to met Yogi Bhajan and there after studied Kundalini yoga under his guidance not missing any opportunuty to attend a class from the master. In the year 2000 Shabad was given the responsability and honor to create a Kundlini yoga community in Montreal. In 2001 Equilibrium Yoga became the flag ship where Kundalini yoga was tought on a daily base in Quebec. In 2003 after cumulating over 1000 hours of teaching Shabad became a teacher trainer of Kundlini yoga level 1 as tought by Yogi Bhajan. Since then he is leading a yearly program in Montreal and has been invited to teach in other locations across Canada and northen U.S.A. In 2010 he has been approved by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) to teach all level 2's and more resently level 3 as well. Shabad shares the teachings of Yoga with a rare warmth, humanity, wisdom and a sense of humour. Teaching for him is a vehicle to serve others and to contribute to the upliftment of humanity.

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Shabad SS Khalsa
Kriya for metabolism and relaxation

As you go about living in this modern world, your nervous system is constantly under pressure for long periods of time, causing chronic stress. This accumulation...

Shabad SS Khalsa
Challenge the ego in you

The truth is that you are not your ego. Your ego is fearful and limits the radiance of your spirit. This yoga set will help you to break old habits and...

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