Marie-Claude Ringuette About me

Marie-Claude is adventurous and has been fascinated by the world since she was a young girl. Every boundary, every step on new land forms her personality and broadens her understanding of everything around her. A great love story between her and the Asian continent started to grow over the past decade. Yoga made its appearance in Marie-Claude’s life six years ago and immediately became a significant part of her life. She started going through experiences and learnings, mostly in India and on the island of Bali. Through the years, she started to draw inspiration from several yogis by actively partaking in a variety of workshops in different parts of the world, which also influences the contents of her classes. She was taught by Sylvie Tremblay, renowned founder of Yoga Sangha, from whom she received certification in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Through her retreats abroad and several workshops, Marie-Claude has since concentrated on sharing her knowledge and offering the necessary tools for people to develop an autonomous practice and balance in their daily lives. Deeply focused on her inner-self, she intuitively leads creative, contemporary classes while respecting yoga’s millennia-old tradition

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Traveller On the Go

After sitting for several hours, your vertebrae can become compressed and your blood flow can be affected. Here, I suggest a combination of movements where...

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Yin Yoga and Chinese Tradition: For the Digestive System

(Accessories: 2 blocks) -There are more and more studies about the digestive system that confirm that its proper functioning ensures optimal global health....

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Alarm Clock

Here is a short 30-minute session designed to start the day off on the right foot. We’ll start with a few minutes of conscious breathing in order to...

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