Catherine Somrach Has About me

Ashtanga Yoga teacher as well as a certified massage therapist in Californian, Swedish, Thaï massage as well as in Reiki Shamballa an energetic approach. Passionate about all types of parallel medicine, Catherine has always shown a marked interest in treatments that favor a holistic vision. She is invested with sincerity and conviction to deepen her knowledge of massotherapy and teaching Yoga. She aspires to guide the people that consult her into healthier tomorrows and into a deep sensation of well being. It is with love and compassion that she hopes to teach a physical, emotional and spiritual awakening. Join her to explore your potential and sensations.

Yoga styles (2)



All Levels
Soft Vinyasa: Opening of the Hips and Spinal Decompression

(Accessories: 2 blocks, 1 strap, 1 bolster) -This is a sweet and simple Vinyasa sequence, adapted for bodies solicited by major changes such as those that...

All Levels
Breathing and Relaxing the Nervous System

(Accessories: 2 standard blocks, 2 flat and large blocks, 2 blankets, 1 bolster and a chair) -This restorative yoga sequence is adapted to the needs and...

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