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Brian Tuck, born and raised in Montreal has been teaching for eight years in many different styles, including Hatha, Yin and Hot. He has a specific love for Chair yoga which he enjoys teaching to office workers, travelers and those with limited mobility. The practice in the chair is perfect for those who sit for long periods of time during their day or who can’t make it to a regular class. Spending almost a decade working in the corporate world in customer service and as a Resource Planning Analyst, Brian truly understands the realities of a corporate life. Working at a desk for 8-10 hrs a day or sitting in meetings and conference calls for long periods of time can take a toll on the body and over time, the mind. Brian originally found yoga following an illness that left him learning how to walk again, and has an in depth knowledge and joy for the therapeutic benefits of accessible types of movement. Adapting the practice to the chair truly bridges yoga to those who cannot always participate in a regular class envrionment. This applies equally to those with an extremely complicated work/life balance or reduced physical mobility. Having been on both sides of that table: an office chair and a wheelchair, Brian is aware we sometimes need more than just a yoga mat to practice yoga. Ready for a little challenge or a quick stretch? If you are already seated reading this, all you need to do is press play and get started!

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Brian Tuck
Brian's Chair yoga quick fix

(Prop: 1 Chair) - Perfect if you can't make it to a regular class if you have limited time. We will therapeutically be countering the effects of having...

Brian Tuck
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Modified chair yoga practice

(Prop: 1 Chair) - A modified chair practice for anyone who spends a long time seated whether you work at a desk, travel on a plane/ train for a long period...

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