Annie Langlois
Co-founder and President, Mon Yoga Virtuel inc.
600-hour Certified Teacher, Hatha-Vinyasa-Kundalini Yoga

The instigator and founder of, , Annie Langlois is passionate about fashion, and a graduate of fashion marketing from LaSalle College. Having worked in the field for over 15 years as a model, designer-entrepreneur and stylist, she served as the designer for two clothing brands, a stylist for several TV shows, as well as the artistic director for various fashion projects.


For over 10 years, Annie has been interested in nutrition, alternative medicine, fitness, and especially the intrinsic self-healing power in every human being. A strong interest in yoga and meditation became a passion that led her to participate in several teacher trainings and obtain certifications in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini yoga, which she now teaches.

In 2008, Annie and her partner Yantsi experienced the most determining event of their lives: the loss of their first child when Annie was six months pregnant. The months that followed were the most difficult period they’ve ever experienced. After this huge shock, Annie suffered from severe anxiety and fibromyalgia. The call of yoga became louder and its practice greatly contributed to healing the wounds and gave meaning to all their suffering. The years that followed were filled with encounters and experiences related to almost all facets of health and wellness. Today, life has taken on an entirely new meaning and the couple lives each day with love, gratitude and compassion.

In 2013, they launched their common life project, which they had both nurtured since the very beginning of their relationship: establishing a wellness platform where one can find everything required to exercise in the comfort of their own home, and work towards optimal health… For Annie, represents a return to life, and a way to give back all that she received on a larger scale, by reaching and helping as many people as possible through yoga and fitness. Annie’s mission is to inspire people to make their health a priority by sharing gentle techniques they can integrate into their daily lives. The happy mother of a wonderful little 4-year old girl named Shaya (which means “life”!) who fills her with happiness, every day, she thanks the universe for this precious gift and welcomes every second of happiness with a heart overflowing with gratitude… Namaste

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